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Lent 2021

A 40 day spiritual path leading to Resurrection Sunday.

Lent is a spiritual path of fasting, prayer, scripture, and focus leading up to Resurrection Sunday. For 40 days (minus Sundays) it is an opportunity to prepare our hearts, minds, and souls, just as Jesus does in the 40 days in the wilderness prior to the start of His ministry. From Ash Wednesday to Easter Sunday, we encourage you to set aside intentional space in three different areas to be with God during this season as we look forward to celebrating the resurrection.

Fast. Fasting in Scripture refers to going without food for a period of time to be reminded that our lives ultimately rest on God who is the author and sustainer of life. With each hunger pang, we're reminded to focus on abiding with God. For Lent, consider a fast that will help you to be reminded of God's presence. Here's a list of suggestions for fasting during this time (feel free to come up with your own):

A meal during the day.


Fast food.

Unnecessary purchases.

Secular entertainment.

Secular music.


Social media.

Phone time.


Pray. Whatever you decide to fast from, use the urge for that thing as a "notification" to pray. With the distraction of that item out of the way, we're given the opportunity to focus on what matters most in our lives: God. Prayer is two-way communication: talking with God and listening to God.

Scripture. Below you'll find Scripture for each day from Ash Wednesday to Resurrection Sunday. Devote the time that you would normally spend on your fasting choice to read through a passage of Scripture. Use this method for engaging with each passage:

Read (read the passage)

Think (consider the meaning of the passage in context),

Live (apply the passage to your life)

Pray (ask God for wisdom in understanding and living out His word through the Holy Spirit)

On Good Friday, April 2, join us for a virtual prayer experience right here at velocitychurch.info.

We're praying that this Lenten season will be meaningful and transformative for your spiritual walk with Christ.

Scripture reading for Lent:

Week 1 (Feb 17-Feb 20)

W - Mark 1:1-20

Th - Mark 1:21-45

F - Mark 2:1-17

Sa - Mark 1:9-15

Week 2 (Feb 21-Feb 27)

Su - Psalm 25:1-10

M - Mark 2:18-28

T - Mark 3:1-19

W - Mark 3:20-35

Th - Mark 4:1-20

F - Mark 4:21-41

Sa - Mark 8:31-38

Week 3 (Feb 28-Mar 6)

Su - Psalm 22:22-31

M - Mark 5:1-20

T - Mark 5:21-43

W - Mark 6:1-29

Th - Mark 6:30-44

F - Mark 6:45-56

Sa - John 2:13-22

Week 4 (Mar 7-Mar 13)

Su - Psalm 19

M - Mark 7:1-13

T - Mark 7:14-23

W - Mark 7:24-37

Th - Mark 8:1-30

F - Mark 9:1-29

Sa - John 3:14-21

Week 5 (Mar 14-Mar 20)

Su - Psalm 107:1-22

M - Mark 9:30-50

T - Mark 10:1-16

W - Mark 10:17-31

Th - Mark 10:32-45

F - Mark 10:46-52

Sa - John 12:20-33

Week 6 (Mar 21-Mar 27)

Su - Psalm 119:9-16

M - Mark 11

T - Mark 12:1-17

W - Mark 12:18-44

Th - Mark 13

F - Mark 11:1-11

Sa - Mark 14:1-15:47

Week 7 (Mar 28-Apr 3)

Su - Psalm 118:1-29

M - Mark 14:3-9

T - Mark 14:32-52

W - Mark 14:53-65

Th - Mark 14:12-26

F - Mark 15:1-41 (Good Friday Virtual Prayer Experience at velocitychurch.info)

Sa - Mark 15:42-47

Resurrection Sunday (Apr 4)

Mark 16:1-8