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Velocity Re-Entry Plan

Check out our plan for re-entering our building for in-person gatherings here.

Check out the video for an overview, and find out more details below.

We know that this has been a less than ideal if not outright challenging time for many, however as followers of Jesus it’s also given us an opportunity to reflect the peace that we embody through our faith. We’ve worked to model this as a church by both acknowledging what has been different, and also working to recognize how God has prepared us to be able to innovate and continue our participation in the kingdom as a congregation through things like online worship and connection for Sunday morning and small groups, and multiple serving opportunities in our community. Our staff has risen to the occasion by tackling practical changes in emphasis in their positions due to Covid-19, and we’ve had so many people who have taken the time to help others both in and out of the church during this time.

Our mission of Helping people find Jesus and love God continues to be the benchmark for how we approach our expressions of faith as a church. This includes how we’ve approached modeling good citizenship and loving our neighbor, while also prioritizing the importance of gathering together regularly even digitally for a time. We know that we are better together, and that when we come back together needs to be considered with the same care we take with how we gather in person. With that in mind, Rob and our elders–Rex, John, and Daryl–have developed the following re-entry plan, which coincides with the Commonwealth of VA’s 3 Phase plan, and is subject to revision as each phase requirements remain fluid. You can find more information on VA’s response at virginia.gov

Velocity Phase 1 (current phase)

Online gatherings for Sunday worship and small groups continue.

Velocity Phase 2 (TBD alongside VA's timeline):

Online gatherings for Sunday worship continues, and small groups who are willing and able are encouraged to meet and worship and share communion together as a “house church” on Sunday mornings via our online worship service. Individuals (and their family members) who have been sick within 14 days or are vulnerable are encouraged to continue to worship socially distant. Those not in a small group or those wanting to be considered for hosting can get connected through velocitychurch.info/smallgroups.

Velocity Phase 3 (TBD alongside VA's timeline):

Re-entry into building for Sunday worship gatherings, Velocity Kids classes resume, Youth Group resumes, with heightened cleaning protocols. Individuals (and their family members) who have been sick within 14 days or are vulnerable are encouraged to continue to worship socially distant. Online streaming of Velocity's Sunday worship continues.

We continue to monitor the situation and information provided in real-time and will make adjustments as necessary. We ask that you continue to pray for our leadership, staff, and volunteers who work hard to serve our congregation and community. If you have any questions, please let us know!